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Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF)


Basic fibroblast growth factor, also known as bFGF or FGF2 (Figure 5), is a member of the fibroblast growth factor family. Human bFGF (hbFGF) is a 16.2 kDa polypeptide containing 146 amino acids present in the subendothelial extracellular matrix and basement membranes of blood vessels.


One of the functions of bFGF is the promotion of endothelial cell proliferation. It mediates the process of angiogenesis, the growth of blood vessels from the pre-existing vasculature. It occurs in the healthy body for healing wounds and restoring blood flow to tissues after injury.


Besides, bFGF is involved in tissue repairing. It stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts that give rise to granulation tissue which fills up a wound space in the wound healing process. It not only shortens the time of recovery, but also improves the quality of wound healing.


At GVN, we have expressed recombinant hbFGF using different bacterial host systems. Works are undertaken to produce hbFGF at a cost-effective price on a large scale.













Figure 1. Depiction of a 3-D structure of hbFGF


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Patents for our hbFGF works are under preparation.

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