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In addition to being a supplier of pure and authentic hEGF and bFGF to the research community, GVN produces and supplies lines of cosmetic, skincare, and healthcare products to help rejuvenate and remedy the deteriorating conditions of our skin resulting from aging, sickness and/or environmental insults. Growth of cells in the outer skin (epidermis) is promoted by hEGF, while that associated with elastin and collagen in the deeper layer (dermis) by hbFGF. The remedial effects of both hEGF and bFGF on various skin ulcers are well documented, and they will also be employed for use in the formulation of topical remedial products applicable to the healthcare of our skin.


GVN owns a number of intellectual properties pertaining to the manufacturing of useful recombinant hEGF and hbFGF and their applications to skin care. With the well founded experience and expertise in recombinant DNA technology and the ownership of the intellectual properties, GVN will be able to provide consultation and services to others in the production of recombinant proteins. Collaborations with interested and compatible parties to achieve further developments in the cosmetic and health care industries will also be pursued.

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